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Batam City Square Mall

PT. Lubuk Sumber Jaya is a company that manages Batam City Square Mall (BCS Mall), which is located in the city center, Jl. Bunga Raya, Baloi, Kota Batam – Indonesia. BCS Mall as a barometer of trends in the concept of one stop mode Shopping & Entertainment. BCS Mall existence in the meeting of two roads, namely Bunga Raya road and Penuin road. Penuin road is a bustling trading area dense with activity every day. Bunga Raya road is one of the main streets in the city of Batam with heavy traffic every day. BCS is a Shopping center, Recreation and Entertainment.

BCS Mall building consists of six floors (can be built up to 8 floors) with an effective location of over 30,000 m2 and can accommodate more than 1,000 four-wheel vehicles in the parking garage that each floor of the parking building is directly connected to the center of the mall. Building facilities consist of AC Central, 2 lifts in the Atrium Hall, 2 units of elevators in the loading area, 18 units of escalators, powered backup electric power source capable of supplying the electricity needs throughout the building, installation of electrical and telephone cables, Installation Sprinkler (smoke detector) and Fire Detector, complete security equipment and monitored.

Bcs Mall, mostly visited by school children and teenagers who hang out and make the assignment, and BCS Cinema (Cinema 21) have more affordable price for teenagers, compared to other cinemas located in Batam. And also BCS Mall stands in the middle of the commercial locations visited by people of the city of Batam, even foreign tourists.

BCS Mall in collaboration with major tenants to meet the needs and desires of the community in Batam,

Gate B Gate G Gate 1 Gate 2 Gate 3 Gate 5
Handphone Centre JC Supermarket KFC Gem’s Stone Bowling Coffetown
Parking Area Kirei Gold Golden Truly Dept. Store Bakso Kota (Food) Cinema 21
Gem’s Stone Big Place Match Bistro Godiva (Food) Sport Station Sawaty (Food) Monic Karaoke
Playstation USM Kirei Silver (Accecories Silver) The Bra House Gadeno (Food) Yong Tahu
Electronic & Komputer Bakso Kota (Food) Gramedia (Book Store) Sport Station Malaya (Food) Nasi Padang Irama (Food)
Pegadaian Ayam Penyet Ria (Food) Sun Kasut Apotik Kimia Farma Share Tea, Ding Tea, Cheleaf (Drink)
Musholla ATM Centre Fashion & Collection Massage & Therapy Shilin
Post Office Bean City Accecories Salon / Snail Pempek Citra
Bcs Canteen Kirei Silver (Accecories Silver)  Salon / Snail CD / DVD / PlayStation Tour & Travel
Watch Stores Watch Stores Sim Corner Bowling Centre (Game Centre)
 Accecories  Crepes (Junk Food) Watch Stores Entertaiment & Games
Toys & Mainan Centre Food & Area
Smart Girl (Girl Accecories)
  • Sport Station
    Sport Station is a sport shopping center located in the BCS Mall on the 2nd floor, sells a wide range of sport clothes, sport t-shirt, sport pants, swin tool, Shoes sport  for basketball players, football, runner, badminton, etc also the price is not too expensive and not to cheap, so anyone can shopping here.
  • KFC
    KFC has been long known in Indonesia and is the one of most favorite food of children, adults, and even the elderly. Located in the BCS Mall on 1st floor beside Gramedia (Book Store). KFC is one of foreigner must eat place in Batam as it known for its affordable price compared to others country.
  • Golden Truly Dept. Store
    Golden Truly Dept. Store a fashion shopping center located in the BCS Mall, sells a wide range of fashion of clothes, suits, shirts, pants, shoes, underwear, which from casual to sporty, and also Branded goods all goods and also the price is not too expensive and not too cheap , so anyone can shopping here.

  • JC Supermarket
    JC Supermarket is a grocery store in BCS Mall, with good quality and with complete supplies. They provide daily needs, fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and meat are clean and hygienic. The most attractive is the price in JC Supermarket very affordabl

  • Gramedia Bookstore
    Gramedia  provides a wide variety of books, stationery, painting equipment, musical instruments, and other artwork.

  • Cinema 21
    Cinema21 is a place to watch movies together with family, friends, boyfriend/Girlfriend, or to be alone.

  • Monic Family Karaoke
    Monic Family Karaoke is a hangout place with family and friend, for those of you who want to channel your golden voice you should visit this place.

There is a great tendency In The BCS Mall for tourists to come, because in front of  bcs have plenty of places to relax, massage, get a course of spa and beauty treatments.

Additionally, completeness in BCS Mall also met by King Electronics, Salon, Bowling, Billiard and Games Centre, Video Games, Restaurant, Food court, and also for Mobile centers that were located in the basement which sells various mobile phone, accessories and a wide variety electronic. Lately also has opened a akik stone shop and BCS cafeteria. Many more tenants who make BCS Fashion Mall as one barometer of fashion trends in batam. You can have an affordable shopping here for all your needs.

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