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Golden Prawn

Golden Prawn is a fresh seafood restaurant in Bengkong Laut, Batam. Actually there are two restaurants side to side which is known as Golden Prawn 933 and 555. Golden Prawn Restaurant is considered as the best, largest, oldest, and most popular in Batam. Hundreds of top dishes served with variety choices and reasonable price.

The location of Golden Prawn is right on the seafront and the site was built jutting into the sea so that when we enjoy a delicious seafood dishes are offered a view of the blue sea and the breezy sea breeze because the dining room is made open facing the ocean.

To order the food you are welcome to pick your own fresh fish still living in small pools located right at the entrance of the restaurant. In this restaurant provided a wide variety of tasty reef fish such as grouper, snapper, rabbitfish and much more, and also the shrimp, lobster and crab. It feels incomplete without enjoying a seafood dish comes with Gonggong that is typical seafood Batam, a type of sea snail that is boiled and then pried to eat the meat from the shell using a toothpick and then smeared into a delicious sauce.

This restaurant has also other facilities are no less intense with the restaurant, which is a four-star hotel named Golden View, which is located next to the restaurant. So if you visit to Batam, you can stay at the hotel so it is very easy to enjoy the delicious cuisine at the Golden Prawn Restaurant & Seafood.

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