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Galang Refugee Camp

Galang is an island of 80 km2 located at southeast of Batam, belong to a group of three islands called Barelang (abbreviation of Batam-Rempang-Galang). The island is connected by the Barelang Bridge to Rempang and Batam.

Galang become a place where Vietnamese refugees arrived and relocated. Galang Refugee Camp accommodated Indochinese refugees from 1979 to 1996 on Galang Island in the Riau Islands of Indonesia. It is estimated that around 250,000 refugees passed through Galang during this period.

This place has become a tourist attraction, the remains of human life still be seen in this region. In front of the former camps are monuments Boats, Vietnamese refugees use the boat to cross the South China Sea and arrived on the island.

On the way to the main office area, there are statues made of small stones, called Statue of Humanity. There are also former detention room, used to be the place of detention of the refugee who commits a criminal. There are also places of worship, such as churches, temples, pagodas and mosque. Still looks well maintained. Quan Am To Pagoda is still crowded in which there are statues of Goddess Kwan Im.

Former United Nations refugee agency looked well maintained, and is now in use as receptionist office and small museum for the visitors. In the office there are pictures of memorable events that occurred during the evacuation on Galang Island. Photos thousand faces of the refugees who have lived in this place is here. And there are few household tools and other relics leaved by the refugee.

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