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Batam MapBatam Island is one of the main islands in the Riau Archipelago of Indonesia. It has an area of 1.040 km² and a population of 1,153,860. Batam is a nice place where you can enjoy its beautiful sea beaches, water sports, seafood, spa, massage and shopping. Batam Islands became extremely popular because near to Singapore, and became a place to spend the weekend for tourist.

The various places of attractions around the city are Nagoya, Nongsa, Hang Nadim, Batam center, Bengkong, etc. Full of hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, bars, cinemas, discos, music lounges, shopping, plazas, etc.

Nagoya is a place full of life and it thrives as the very heart of Batam. Here it is easy for a tourist to find shops that sells duty-free goods. Nongsa is full of resorts and golf courses. Hang Nadim is the largest and the most modern airport of Indonesia and domestic flights arrive here on a daily basis. Batam center is a planned city made specially to attract tourists of different cultures. There is a wonderful Buddhist temple situated in the middle of the center as well. Bengkong have famous hotel, fresh seafood and interesting sights, one of them is Indonesia Miniature Park.

WaterSportPeople from around the globe enjoy the very many activities that take place in Batam. They enjoy the Cable Skiing, Go-Karting, Para-Sailing, Fishing, Jet Skis, Horse Riding, Ultra Light Air Craft, Joy Flight, etc. Diving and Golf is a favorite over here. The Holiday Inn Batam has excellent watersport facilities.

Night life is very active in the cities. Discos and bars come to life with the sunset. These places are teeming with people upon nightfall. Batam is very famous for shopping as it is a duty-free island and so every kind of good can easily be found and bought from this place. This is a haunt for shoppers who come to Indonesia.

Delicious FoodThe delicacies of Batam are surely unforgettable as this place is mainly famous for sea food. The various restaurants serve there special items. The menus are full of a variety of mouthwatering Indonesian food.

Anyone would enjoy a stay here at Batam where there is something for everybody. For those who love adventure sports there are the very many activities that he can take part in. For those who love to enjoy the beauty of nature can head towards the beautiful beaches. The foodies can find their own restaurants. The shopaholics will find all kinds of shopping plazas and malls.

Getting to Batam Island

By Plane
Hang Nadim Airport is the only airport serving the island. Mostly serving domestic flights all the major domestic carriers operate out of here with services to Jakarta,…

General Knowledge

Talk Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) is the main language in Batam. They also speak Teochew, Hokkien (Fujian) and Chinese because of large population of Chinese Indonesians ethnic. There…

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Batam – Singapore Ferry Schedule
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